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Is writing a Stumbling Block or a Stepping Stone for your child?

The ability to write, and to write well, opens doors. Clear and effective written communication allows us to put our ideas to paper easily, to convey our thoughts and intentions in ways others can understand. Well written letters transmit significant messages to recipients, and eloquent essays can persuade an audience of the legitimacy of our opinions. It is so much easier to engage in the Great Conversation when we are comfortable with writing.

Conversely, poor writing can underrepresent the quality of our big ideas. A business proposal or resumé, a letter to the editor or to a friend, an essay or an assignment: all of these can lose their legitimacy if the spelling and punctuation are lacking, or if the grammar and style are immature and

unsophisticated. It is such a shame when this happens, and it does not ever need to be the case.

Teaching children to write is not difficult, but it needs to be approached the right way. It is done through igniting a desire to write within the child. This begins when a child truly believes he or she really has something to say: a story worth telling or an opinion that matters. True, children can be taught the rules and techniques first, but this is a very uninspiring way to learn to write. It's much better to get pen to paper and try it out, just like a person would do with a paintbrush and canvas or an instrument. Then, the more the child writes, the more opportunities their mentor has to gently guide them to correct the technical elements of their writing. Learning happens quite naturally when someone is actively (and regularly) engaged in the practice of communicating ideas.

In our 6-Week Essay Writing Course, students are celebrated for going out on a limb and expressing their ideas and opinions. Guidance is provided within the context of the joy of writing, in gentle but clear ways, so that the child can make improvements incrementally. It is incredible to see how quickly a child's writing improves when they learn in this way.

Inspiring, rather than requiring, is always the best method when it comes to educating our children. The things a child learns under his or her own volition will be retained for life. Believe it or not, it really is possible to do this for every subject, writing included!

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Thanks for inspiring my kids to write and then giving them the tools to write well!

My oldest two, read tons but never had much reason for writing. This course really helped give them a framework or recipe for creating a great essay. After taking this course my eldest entered grade 10 at public school and shocked us when he proceeded to get an A in English. I believe this course played a significant role in helping him effectively share his ideas and learning.

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