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Piano Lessons

Lessons will be offered on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS for the Spring session, from January 9th/10th to May 28th/29th, 2023, with no lessons on March 5th/6th. There will be 20 lessons in this session.

Monthly Payments Available

The cost to reserve your lesson time slot from January 9th to May 28th, 2024 is $400 (exactly $20 per lesson, for a total of 20 lessons). Paying for lessons is simpler than ever! Just click below to choose either a full payment ($400 one time) or monthly payment option ($80 per month, to be charged automatically from September to December).

PLEASE NOTE that your first payment will be charged on the day you register, and you must select a start date of January 1st so that future payments (from February to May) will always come out on the first of each month.


Because you are paying to reserve your lesson slot for an entire session, there is no refund for cancelled lessons, unless they are cancelled by Savannah (in which case she will refund you $20 for the missed lesson). In the event of inclement weather or illness, Savannah will be available at your regular scheduled time slot to teach virtually.

If you cannot make it to a lesson, please be sure to let Savannah know. She can be reached by email (, phone (519-288-2071) or through facebook messenger.

  • Piano Lessons: January - May 2024

    Valid for 5 months
  • Piano Lessons: January - May 2024

    Every month
    Monthly Payment Plan
    Valid for 5 months
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