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Ever heard this before?

As a homeschool parent, it may be that you've had a conversation that went something like this:

"You homeschool your kids?"


"What about their social life?"

"How will they learn what they need to?"

"Will they even get into college?"

"How do you know what to teach them?"

"Do you have any teacher training?"

The questions often fly a lot faster than we have time to answer them. I've taken the time, on this sweet new podcast, to go into depth about the answers to these questions and more. Feel free to check it out: "This Golden Hour" with Timothy Eaton.

If you have friends with small children, or friends who are considering homeschooling, I'd recommend you listen to several of Eaton's episodes. They're fantastic. You may also want to forward them this free e-book; I can't imagine anyone NOT choosing homeschool after reading this!

Happy learning, friends.


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