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Classics are always boring, right?

Not at all! Classics are the wellspring of human ideas; they are the stories that have managed to stand the tests of time. Most popular books today borrow themes and tricks from the great classics. Modern-day thrillers are simply newer, less sophisticated versions of old classics like FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA; current romances are the most recent, dumbed-down renditions of timeless tales like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and JANE EYRE; twenty-first century adventure novels are humanity's latest, simplified iterations of BENDIGO SHAFTER and LOST IN THE BARRENS.

If the classics are simply older versions of the books that are currently filling our shelves, why bother with them? Good question! Princeton University explains: "The study of Classics develops skills of reading, interpretation, and communication that are essential for future life, and offers a knowledge of history and culture that informs, challenges, and inspires" ( Simply put, there is no better format for intellectual growth and success than the classics.

How can I introduce my kids to the classics?

Classics can be tricky to tackle with our children, especially if we didn't grow up appreciating them ourselves. It can be really useful to connect our learners with a mentor who knows and loves the classics, since personal mentorship is the most inspiring way to really delve into any topic or subject. Another thing that's helpful is to join children up with others in the same stage of life who are eager to learn and excited to share; discussions and connections with high-quality peers is both socially rewarding and intellectually stimulating.

Our 10-month courses offer students the incredible opportunity to delve into the classics while connecting with peers in small groups (no more than 12 students in each class). Each student receives individual mentoring through weekly live classes and personalized feedback on every single assignment. Feel free to have a look:

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