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Oh, those dusty old books!

I just love discovering more reasons to read old books. The longer I live, the longer the list gets of reasons why it's always best to turn to the classics. They're more entertaining than newer books, more enlightening, more rooted in common sense, more morally upright, more psychologically sound, more historically accurate, more delightfully meandering... I could go on for days.

Here's another excellent list of reasons to read old books, which is great to share with doubters. When you read classics, so many elements of your education are covered, quite naturally.

When it comes to kids, though, does the same advice apply? Most definitely! Did you know that old books have the ability to increase a child's ability to focus, attention span, memory and vocabulary? You'll be amazed by this video, which compares the beginnings of old books with the beginnings of new books, and gives a fascinating explanation about just how classics manage to do all these things for our children.

Our 10-month Literacy Essentials courses feature one classic novel per month. That's WAY more than children get in most programs, including public and private schools. Each level has a delightful list of classics that will achieve all of the benefits above, while your child is having a great time being entertained and making friends.

If you haven't picked up a classic lately, perhaps now would be a good time. Here's a great list to choose from.

Happy Reading!


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